MobileMedia delivers mobile relying on its proprietary technology.

The MobileMedia Marketing Engine (or 3ME) is a modular multifunctional platform designed in-house by our technology experts.

Based on MobileMedia's 3ME we can cater to our clients’ various needs and performance requirements. The structure of 3ME provides the means of designing and implementing for our clients the solution that fits the target and expertise of his team. Having parsed more than 3bn of dialogues and interacted with some of the most diverse systems internationally, 3ME can always perform the tasks required - even the most demanding ones. At the same time it is able to provide rapidly all the analytics in any level of complexity, in order to have the most accurate and hands-on visualization of the project performance and dynamics.

We are very proud to claim that our 3ME engine has successfully served concurrent projects and has never reached its limits. Our technology team is the one that implemented the 1st ever engine handling Mega Promos and is focused on continually upgrading the 3ME components, increasing the system intelligence and adding data to allow us to conclude that there's no solution that can compare to MobileMedia's 3ME when it comes to mobile marketing!

MobileMedia: we deliver mobile based on 3ME.