Mega Promo

As a mobile operator you are focused to provide your customers the best service they can ever have. During this effort you have to outperform your competitors in both terms of services cost and innovation so that your brand will give unparalleled value to your customers. This way you are decreasing your revenues from the traditional income sources...

In this context the Mega Promo and its attributes is offering a unique opportunity to mobile operators.

Mega Promo is an SMS contest that lasts from 30 to 120 days, it is specially designed for mobile operators across the globe and produces significant results regardless the size of operator’s customer base, its ARPU level or its maturity stage. 

The majority of Operator’s prepaid and post paid Subscribers receive bulk SMS that calls them to participate in an interactive SMS game. Then depending on the selected game format, subscribers send blank SMS or SMS including their answers to entertaining questions at a premium price in order to collect points and gain prizes.

Prizes to be awarded and winning formats vary. Operators can choose prizes between cash, gadgets, telco prizes and others and winning formats between draws, top scorer or time of respond.

Mega Promo deliver towards multiple directions:

  • It is proven to boost ARPU
  • increasing the annual revenues
  • crate a buzz around the brand
  • increase customer loyalty
  • attract new customers from competitors
  • reactivate "sleeping" customers

Mega promos under our involvement have always been a blast, and we at MobileMedia, can guarantee with our exceptional tracking record in international similar operations the success of every single project.